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John Tetlow Portrait Frame

On August 24, 2016, Massachusetts College of Art allowed the GLS/BLA Association to reclaim a long lost frame to an important portrait. The frame belongs to the portrait of John Tetlow, the first headmaster at GLS who served from 1878-1910. Tetlow’s portrait, commissioned by the GLS Alumni Association, was completed by Ernest Epson in 1910. The portrait was hung in a built-in ornate frame in what was the library at the GLS on Huntington Avenue. When the school moved to Codman Square, the portrait was taken out of its frame and the frame remained behind.

A four man crew delicately removed the frame from the bookcases and transported it to Boston Latin Academy where it will be re-installed. The portrait is currently undergoing restoration with Oliver Brothers and we look forward to bringing the two back together later this year!

Tetlow Frame 4

Tetlow Frame 3

Tetlow Frame 2

Tetlow frame 1


It is hard to believe that we graduated GLS 50 years ago! Carol Woleyko Fizer and Ellie Wolf Goodman are organizing a reunion and hope everyone will be able to attend.
Carol has graciously offered to host a luncheon reunion at her home in Weston, MA on Saturday, October 22nd at 12:30. Please let them know whether you will be able to attend and Ellie Wolf Goodman will send out more specific details. Ellie’s e-mail address is or you can message her on Facebook.
If you know anyone else, who in not in the GLS Facebook group, it would be great if you could let them know too and pass the information on to them. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
Carol Woleyko Fizer and Ellie Wolf Goodman